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Student Locker Tutoring Camp Software


Shared Calendar

Daily Drill





Select subjects you need from eLibrary (About 400 subjects)
Shared calendar with teachers and parents
Secured chat/message board with teachers and parents
Parent purchase a subject, and student use it. Very simple system.
Daily Drills to start a good study habit.


1 – 12

Product Description

Student Locker program is the state-of-art software utilizing cloud server. Student desktop will communicate with teacher’s classroom management software and parent portal site. Busy parents can remotely asst children’s school work and study subject. The communicaiton between parent and teacher will be also seamless.

Parent can choose a lesson or workbook children needs for the school work in eLibrary. Once purchased, the studnet can find it in “My LIbrary” and it will be ready to use after automated downloading form eLibrary.

The study progress will show up at parent portal. Parents also see the grade record. It is no longer necessary to keep asking the student abuut test grade or quiz grade.

Daily drill is designed to provide a good study habit. Parent can schedule the math, spelling, reading, and writing drills and see the progress.

When this software is adopted by a teacher, teacher can send homework assignment or any handout and both parents and students can receive it at the same time.

The activation codes includes $30 worth of credit to purchase lessons or workbooks plus $10 worth of annual subscription fee for Daily Drill.


Credit Code – $40 Worth

A credit code will deposit a certain amount of credit to your account. You can purchase lessons using the credit you have in your account. For example, a parent purchase a credit amount, then the student can use it to obtain lessons and worksheet.

In this purchase, you will get $30 worth of credit for eLibrary where you can find various lessons and workbooks for elementary to high school level, plus you get $10 worth of annual subscription of Daily Drill enabled.

If you are interested in re-selling this credit code, please contact support email above.


System Requirments:
Windows 7, Vista, XP Mac OS 1.5 or newer (including Lion)
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